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Air India takes off with Ramco Aviation; goes live with across 64 stations. 240 warehouses, 125+ aircrafts including Dreamliners.

Institute of Aviation and Hospitality has been a leading institute in Rohtak providing enriching careers in the Airlines. This exciting career path takes you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary! Imagine getting paid to travel to the newest “all inclusive resort” as a Travel Agent! Or making your “office” 30,000 feet in the air as a Flight Attendant!

Students can expect an innovative approach to learning that will include classroom, computer- based and hands-on training. From requirements for flight attendant training (formerly airline stewardess training) to ticket agent, we have the educators and programs that will give you the necessary skills to start your career.

Aviation and Hospitality Institute is dedicated to living up to its reputation as a leader in training. To succeed in preparing our students for competitive career opportunities, we know we must fulfill the needs of both our students and the industry. We provide our students with the essentials needed to reach the ultimate goal…employment!

Founded by Dr. Satish Rathee, an eminent philanthropist & social activist, Institute of Aviation & Hospitality Management is a premier & one of the largest, fully integrated Aviation training Institute in Rohtak. Our "World class, Global scale Academy" has the latest infra, comprehensive curiculum and renowned faculty consisting of Aviation specialists with global exposer to deliver comprehensive training for professional hostess in India. According to the World Travel and Tourism council, the Hospitality Industry is predicted to triple in size within the next five years and to be the world’s largest industry by the year 2020. BKN Institute of Aviation & Hospitality Management is commited to use most modern & effective training systems...

Our mission is to create a work force to protect and safeguard the interests of BKN entrepreneurs for providing quality management and operational services to the passengers by employing well-trained youth with high technical skills, strong mental prowess and winsome manners. Aviations across the world trust and rely on the 'no compromise on quality' character of our cadets. The Institute cadets are trained not merely to get a job but to become good citizens and ideal human beings with Confidence, Courage, Adaptability, Discipline, Dedication, Empathy, Enthusiasm and Talent. They become dear and near ones not only to the employing Aviations but to the whole world. Through the fulfillment of our mission we hope to achieve our vision in Aviation, s taffed with well-trained world class employees trained in the BKN Institute, so that air travel becomes safer and a pleasure for the passengers and is of profit and fame for the Aviation & Hospitality.

Degree Courses

B.Sc In Hospitality & Tourism Studies (3 Years)
B.Sc. In Hotel Management & Tourism (3 Years)
BBA In Hotel Management (3 Years)
MBA In Hotel Management & Tourism (2 Years)
MA In Hotel Management (2 Years)

Certificate Courses

Hotel Management & Catering Technology (1 Year)
Hospitality & Air Travel Management (1 Year)
Tourism & Travel Management (6 Months)
Certificate in Customer care Executive (6 Months)
Certificate in Front Desk Executive (6 Months)

Job Oriented Courses

Certificate / Crash Course In House Keeping - 1 Month
CCMH - Certificate course in Hotel Management - 6 Months
Certificate course in Travel & Tourism and Management - 6 Months

Diploma Courses

Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management. [DAHTM](12 Months)
Aviation, hospitality and travel industries are in for exponential growth. The aviation industry is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of over 20%. India needs 400 airports and 300 aircraft in the next decade. Also, the hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. According to the tourism ministry, hotels in India will have a shortfall of 150,000 rooms. This sector is expected to be the second largest employer in the world by 2019. No other industry offers career benefits and payment packages as lucrative as these industries. In fact, cabin crew hired by international airlines stand to earn salaries as high os Rs. 70,000* per month.

Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality , Travel & Tourism Services [PGDHTS] (12 Months)
The hospitality and tourism sector is growing by leaps and bounds. This sector has been gaining significant importance as far as contribution to the economy is concerned. According to industry data, India is expected to double the number of branded hotel rooms from 100,000 now in just three years. In fact, every ninth job within the world is created by the tourism industry. Few other industries match the opportunities thrown up by a career within the Hospitality and Travel Services domain. Frankfinn, as the undisputed leader in training equips you with all the skills you need for a rewarding career within this field.

Airline Cabin Crew Training With the aviation sector slated for 20% annually high rates of growth, the hospitality industry is also experiencing an encouraging increase in the demand for services and personnel. BKN prepares you to make the most of this opportunity and helps you sow the seeds for a promising career within these fields. So enjoy a financially rewarding career where you could end up with a starting emolument of Rs.70,000 per month (Average salary if selected as a Cabin Crew in an international airline).

Master Diploma in Aviation Management
Millions of passengers & thousands of tonnes of cargo pass through airlines & airports each year. All these passengers demand quality customer service, apart from smooth, timely operations. Managing a large number of passengers, employees & operations is what aviation management is all about. People in senior management positions take decisions affecting millions of dollars worth of investments around the world. A career in aviation management offers opportunities to travel, meet new people & gain new experiences in all parts of the world.

Post Graduate Diploma in Airport Ground Services [PGDAGS] (12 Months)
Airport/Ground Handling is one of the many sectors within the aviation industry poised to see spectacular growth within the years ahead. Frankfinn with its experience and expertise in training and placing ground service staff can give you an added advantage.


Air - conditioned class rooms
International style airline dress code
Language lab
Reference library
Tieups with international ground handling companies
Regular & distance education available
Placement Cell
With a highly interactive placement cell in association with airports, airlines, international ground handling companies, getting a right placement will never be a concern. We have tie - up with international ground handling companies. Our previous batch students got placed in international & national airports, airlines, air cargo companies & five star hotels.